Automotive Market

At TPI, we remain committed to driving the automotive industry’s rapid transition to electrification through our market-leading composite solutions. Climate change continues to necessitate EV adoption, with projections exceeding 75% of global vehicle sales being electric by 2040.8 Advances like infrastructure expansion, falling battery costs, and policies are accelerating this shift. Specifically, the IRA includes provisions such as the Commercial Clean Vehicle Credit, Alternative Fuel Refueling Property Credit, and the Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicle Program.

TPI empowers our diverse customer base of established OEMs and new entrants across passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and transit buses with lightweight, high-performance composite structures and components.

These solutions not only improve vehicle efficiency through weight reduction and enhanced corrosion resistance and thermal management, but also boast faster production lead times than their metallic alternatives.

We’re unwavering in our pursuit of sustainable manufacturing practices within our automotive business unit. Continuous investments in engineering and capital equipment enable us to minimize waste and energy consumption while expanding the applications of our composite solutions for an even wider range of automotive needs. Through innovation and collaboration, TPI supports a greener, more sustainable future for the automotive industry.