Partners & Initiatives

CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Business Commitment

Our CEO, Bill Siwek, renewed the CEO Pledge for Action which aims to create more inclusive workplaces through best practice sharing. In conjunction with the business commitment, TPI also released an individual pledge of commitment for all our associates to voluntarily sign. This pledge is a personal pledge that any individual can take to help drive inclusive behavior in their everyday life. The pledge has five main goals:

  1. To check your own biases and take meaningful action to understand and mitigate them.
  2. To initiate meaningful, complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations with friends and colleagues.
  3. To ask yourself “Do your actions and words reflect the value of inclusion?”
  4. To move outside of your comfort zone to learn about the experiences and perspectives of others.
  5. To share insights related to what you have learned.

Globally, we had over 2,000 associates electronically sign and pledge to check their biases, speak up for others, and show up for all.

Global Day of Understanding

During the 2022 Global Day of Understanding, our CEO and Chief People Officer hosted global focus groups and spoke with more than 75 associates from around the world in seven different focus group sessions. Our senior leaders also spoke with regional associates in similarly structured conversations.

I learned a great deal through these conversations – they made me feel proud to learn about our culture and gave us the opportunity to reflect on how we can be more intentional and inclusive in our environment.

– Bill Siwek, President and CEO

LEAP for Women

We continue to create a sense of community with our first Global Associate Resource Group (ARG) LEAP for Women.

LEAP stands for lead, empower, advance, and promote. While regional LEAP for Women champions create an annual action plan of goals, initiatives, and activities they wish to accomplish throughout the year, the ARG also created common global initiatives.

One global initiative that was created by our Mexico team is our Women Who Inspire campaign. This global campaign consists of two components, the TPI Global Women Who Inspire Panels and the Women Who Inspire video series. The TPI Global Women Who Inspire Panels are a series of semi-annual events that aim to inspire women at TPI to share stories about their career, achievements, challenges, and any guidance and knowledge they have received along the way.

The Women Who Inspire videos are created quarterly to recognize and highlight our talented female associates from around the world. These videos are showcased both internally and externally.

Amazing Women of TPI

Furthermore, TPI has proudly supported an annual recognition program for our amazing female associates during the month of March which aligns with International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. 2022 marked our seventh year of this recognition program.

TPI selected outstanding women from around the world to celebrate for our 2022 Amazing Women recognition program. These strong, inspirational women continue to model our TPI Core Values and encourage others to use their voices.

– Deane Ilukowicz, Chief People Officer

Certified Age Friendly Employer™

In November 2021, TPI was proud to earn the distinction of being recognized as a Certified Age Friendly Employer™. This certification is granted by The Age Friendly Institute to forward-thinking and socially conscious employers. The certification is granted after a thorough evaluation of your responses to their Certification Evaluation Standards, review of publicly available information, and comparison with standards for policies and practices within general commerce and manufacturing. The Certification review will be repeated every three years to ensure that your policies and practices continue to meet established standards.