Partners & Initiatives

CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Business Commitment

Our CEO, Bill Siwek, renewed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge, further demonstrating TPI’s promise to create an inclusive culture where all associates can be themselves and have a sense of belonging. The pledge has four main goals:

  1. To continue to make our workplaces trusting places to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity and inclusion.
  2. To implement and expand unconscious bias education.
  3. To share best – and unsuccessful – practices.
  4. To create and share strategic inclusion and diversity plans with our Board.

This pledge signifies TPI’s dedication to engaging in challenging yet essential discussions pertaining to IDEA.

Global Day of Understanding

Annually, TPI CEO Bill Siwek and Chief People Officer Deane Ilukowicz host the Global Day of Understanding. During these courageous conversations, the duo facilitates conversations with associates from all levels of the organization, focusing on matters of inclusion, diversity, and equity. This year, they spoke with approximately 100 associates from around the world. Our senior leaders also spoke with regional associates in similarly structured conversations.

I am proud of the work we do and the inclusive culture we continue to build at TPI. I look forward to these meaningful and transparent conversations, as we collectively work towards creating a culture where everyone has a voice and is comfortable using it.

– Bill Siwek, President and CEO

LEAP for Women

We continue to create a sense of community with our first Global Associate Resource Group (ARG) LEAP for Women, LEAP stands for lead, empower, advance, and promote. Around the world, our LEAP for Women regional champions host events and develop programs focused on supporting women. Additionally, regional champions convene globally to align on initiatives and share best practices. One ongoing global Initiative is our Women Who Inspire Panels. These panels are a series of semi-annual events that aim to inspire women at TPI by sharing stories on topics related to career development, challenges in the workplace, and general advice form women in leadership positions. 

Amazing Women of TPI

2023 marked the eighth year of our Amazing Women of TPI, where we proudly recognize amazing female associates who are nominated by top regional leadership globally. To award these women, TPI created a week-long event at our corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Throughout the week, the women attended learning sessions and engaged in network opportunities. 

We are proud of our ARG members and their commitment to lead the way, empower each other, advance women through professional development, engage allies, and promote our company as an inclusive environment.

– Deane Ilukowicz, Chief People Officer

Certified Age Friendly Employer™

In November 2021, TPI was proud to earn the distinction of being recognized as a Certified Age Friendly Employer™. This certification is granted by The Age Friendly Institute to forward-thinking and socially conscious employers. The certification is granted after a thorough evaluation of your responses to their Certification Evaluation Standards, review of publicly available information, and comparison with standards for policies and practices within general commerce and manufacturing. The Certification review will be repeated every three years to ensure that your policies and practices continue to meet established standards.