Now is a great time to be part of the engineering team at TPI Composites, Inc. (TPI). With accelerated year-over-year growth and a new series of technology development objectives, we can offer outstanding career growth and advancement opportunities for our talented associates. Not only will you have an opportunity to play a major role in contributing to the development of sustainable energy, but you will also have the chance to work on exciting programs with leading OEMs in the automotive industries.

As a way to keep our technical talent fresh and innovative, TPI launched TPI Academy in 2019. TPI Academy was built as a program for developing technical talent, one of our most critical talent segments.

Our vision for TPI Academy is to provide a learning environment in which our technical talent can confidently provide competitive technical solutions to all facets of our business through their comprehensive knowledge of the composites industry. We plan to do this by expanding the knowledge base across technology and functions to create synergy and collaboration between disciplines. Originally designed with 13 topics in mind, the program continues to grow, offering learning in ways that allow collaboration among our global team members. Through the use of interactive engagement techniques, our virtual offerings are seeing double the number of expected participants with positive feedback about being part of a global community where we can all learn together.


Why TPI?

  • Innovative technology and manufacturing company in wind blades and other high-performance composites
  • Learn-forward organization, with no politics
  • Plenty of opportunity for growth, including international opportunities
  • Engineering and operational capabilities suited for diversified growth into automotive sectors
  • Combination of entrepreneurial environment with solid world-class manufacturing environment
  • Strong team culture with lean organizational structure, allowing for high-impact, high-visibility and increasing responsibilities

Key Engineering Roles:

  • Process Engineers – manufacturing support; process development; new factory launches
  • Applications Engineers for new applications within existing process/materials capabilities
  • Materials Engineers
  • Design Engineers
Engineering associate image