Environmental Compliance

At TPI, we are committed to help safeguard our planet for future generations. Given our global footprint, we operate in locations with varying environmental laws and regulations with the potential to impact our communities. All TPI facilities have an environmental impact assessment performed prior to starting operations of the facility, which includes an evaluation of the land prior to the start of construction. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations are reviewed to mitigate regulatory risk. At TPI we pursue a global EHS practice through which the minimum baseline shall be the most stringent out of applicable local, statutory, or EHS regulations.

Each facility documents applicable environmental regulation as well as compliance requirements for retention of necessary environmental permits and reporting to government agencies. Any updates, changes, or removals of regulatory requirements are also documented. All environmental inspections and instances of non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations are communicated to the leadership team and immediate action is taken to come into compliance.

In 2022, we had zero instances of significant noncompliance.