Communities and Economic Impacts

The TPI global community support program continues to provide opportunities for our associates to volunteer through TPI sponsored activities that enhance and serve the communities in which they live and work.

We believe volunteering builds character, provides opportunities to work together, creates a sense of belonging, and increases associate engagement. The volunteer time that TPI associates contribute supports outside organizations that align with our Core Values and occur outside of scheduled work hours unless reapproved. Given the diversity of our locations, we adapt our engagement activities to the needs of the communities. In 2022, our associates completed 18,200 community engagement hours globally. We are immensely proud of the many associates who volunteered to support their local communities.

Community Impact Highlights

We remain both proud and inspired by the dedication our associates display to community support initiatives they are passionate about and highlight some of these activities on the pages below.

Community Improvements:

Our associates are proud of their communities and actively work to improve them. These improvements include activities such as school restoration projects, clean up after natural disasters and planting trees.

Health and Wellness:

Our associates embody our top Core Value of safety both in and outside of their work positions. Across the globe TPI’s associates participate in races and fund-raising events that provide support for areas such as cancer, among others.

Giving Back:

TPI associates enjoy giving back to their communities through donations. In 2021, our associates held several events where items were collected and distributed to local communities.

Pandemic Response:

TPI associates continue to be educated on the importance of COVID vaccinations and COVID-19 safety protocols in all facilities. In 2021, associates complied with global facility requirements to keep their peers, families, and communities safe.