At TPI, our manufacturing associates (Operators) play a vital role in our success. They are passionate about what they do and proud to be part of a global organization that’s a leader in wind blade technology and other high-performance composites. Our vision to provide clean and sustainable energy means that you can have a positive impact on the environment and planet. Our position of leadership in the renewable energy industry means we’re a dynamic and exciting place to be.

TPI is proud to share the work we have done to ensure our new manufacturing associates are able to perform well the moment they start working on the production floor. 

When new Operators are hired, we provide an initial Technical Onboarding that includes hands-on training for all blade manufacturing processes. We also use innovative and fun ways to check for knowledge and comprehension. 

At the end of Technical Onboarding, we assess satisfaction levels of both the operator and their direct supervisor, to ensure learning took place, and all are satisfied with the competency of the new associate.

After the initial Technical Onboarding, Operators are sent to the production floor where they are assigned to a certified Mentor. Structured on-the-job training techniques are deployed that focus on specific, individual tasks, explaining not just what to do but how and why to do it. We believe these measures will help address diverse adult learning styles and lead to better outcomes, which are critical in our industry.

Mentors and trainers work with the new Operators until they feel comfortable and confident with the results of their work. The goal is to help the Operators work independently at their jobs and be able to make decisions without constant, direct supervision. We also want to give them job satisfaction in a field where they are protecting our planet through clean renewable energy. We believe using these methods to train our Operators will help to increase their confidence and capability.

Checks and balances have also been deployed through monthly metrics, which are captured on a dashboard and shared with team leaders. All the work that we do in technical training has been in support of this critical part of our workforce.

Why TPI?

  • Strong, stable and growing company
  • Clean, bright and safe facilities
  • Opportunity for satisfying collaboration
  • Excellent opportunity for growth and development
  • Ongoing learning opportunities
  • Innovative manufacturing technology
  • A people-oriented culture
  • Respect of your managers and peers
  • New processes offering day-to-day variety

Your Manufacturing Role:

As part of our manufacturing team, we will rely on you to uphold high quality standards, practice safe work habits and ensure production is completed in an efficient manner. You must be motivated and dependable and have the ability to work and communicate well with others. Manufacturing experience is NOT required. Bring your ambition, energy and enthusiasm, and we’ll supply you with the tools you need to succeed.


Manufacturing Associate Image