How does it feel to be part of the only independent manufacturer of composite wind blades for the wind energy market? Exhilarating, engaging and extremely satisfying, all at the same time. We’re the future of renewable, sustainable energy. We’re on the cutting edge of our industry. And we’re growing at a rapid pace. There could not be a better time to join our team and help us shape the future.

TPI’s highly engaged workforce is a key strategic advantage. Our associates are committed to the Company, their teams, and their communities. It is through our associates’ efforts that we continue to achieve high levels of performance.

Our manufacturing process is more manual than most people may realize, and the products we manufacture are large and weigh more than 16 metric tons on average. In addition, the manufacturing process requires a highly collaborative team-based approach. When we select new associates to join TPI, we ensure that the individuals have high levels of learning agility and adaptability in addition to the skills needed for the role. Our associates embrace our Core Values – Safety, Operational Excellence, Commitment, Integrity, and Leadership – and bring these values to life by applying their diverse backgrounds and skillsets to everyday actions, demonstrating high discretionary effort, and embracing our Values in Motion program.

TPI cultivates an environment of high engagement where our associates feel included, have a sense of belonging, and can achieve high levels of performance. During this past year, we conducted a global engagement survey where we received a 95% response rate from our associates and more than 100,000 comments.  Our overall results were in the top 25% of manufacturing companies and above the global benchmark. This demonstrates that our leadership team considers associate engagement a top priority and that our action plans are positively impacting our associates. Our engagement strategies directly help reduce associate turnover rates in each country which are at or below their respective geographic averages.

Our regional human resource teams and external partners help ensure we maintain compliance with all current labor standards and strong relationships with our labor unions. At all levels of leadership, we have provided training to foster positive labor relations and develop action plans to address changes as needed.

TPI provides a total rewards program that is competitive to the market in all our locations. Our organization’s base compensation is established by benchmarking the position to the market median utilizing salary surveys from qualified data sources that provide local, regional, and national data on salaries earned in similar positions to TPI. Regarding additional benefits, all associates are covered either through social programs or TPI in alignment with the market. Additionally, several of our locations provide medical services through on-site doctors, food services through cafeterias, and transportation services to the facilities.

We also provide regular performance feedback throughout the year for our associates, in addition to managing our annual formal performance review process. TPI’s global leadership team has variable performance-based components to pay such as annual bonus and equity incentives. In addition, all manager-level associates and above have a variable incentive as part of their annual compensation. All incentive plans include a weighted measurement for safety, sustainability, DE&I, quality, growth, and profitability.

The passion, commitment, and resilience of our associates is critical in helping us achieve our vision to lead the energy transition through advanced technology and innovative solutions.

Associates at a Glance 2021

Total Turnover1

Turnover data exclude turnover due to reductions in force from site closures and COVID-19 related reasons. India opened in 2020. For comparative data please see the report data tables.

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