As global auto industry continues to invest in the electrification of the automobile, TPI is collaborating with automakers to develop innovative composite solutions for vehicles. This partnership provides automakers with TPI’s extensive experience in matching physical design requirements to cost optimized composite solutions. Composite material systems that employ reinforcing fibers of glass and carbon embedded in polymers such as polyester, vinyl-ester, and epoxy will provide the key material building blocks for new automotive vehicle structures and components.

Through our automotive experience, the composite weight savings as expected is compelling. In addition, well designed composite systems offer reduced part count by (multiple) orders of magnitude, part integration, vehicle manufacturing assembly time savings, bolt-on assemblies directly to composite monocoque structure, low cost tooling, multiple redundant work cells for scalable production, low-cost change of body styles, corrosion resistance, and increased durability.

TPI Composites, has nearly 50 years of experience in the development, advancement, and application of technologies for the fabrication of high performance, low-cost structures molded from composite materials. In the competitive world of automobile manufacturing a constant push is required to maintain a global leadership position of lowest cost. TPI Composites is constantly working to determine the technologies that can truly generate cost savings through reduction of cycle time, labor input, waste reduction or material cost reduction. TPI is making the investments required to demonstrate high-volume manufacturing of composite solutions measured in seconds of cycle time to drive new innovations into the expanding automotive industry.

Key Automotive Composite Messages:

  • Lightweight, integrally molded chassis/body/exterior
  • Part count reduction
  • Reduced vehicle assembly times
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Increased durability/performance
  • Low cost tooling
  • Reduced up-front production investment

Carbon fiber OEM door project.