Lightweight Composite Bus Structures

When it comes to lightweight composite bus structures TPI Composites is an industry leader in providing fully integrated composite structures for public transit and coach bus applications. TPI builds the all-composite bus body in support of Proterra with annual expanded production volumes. The continued growth of the electric bus market is projected to grow at > 15% CAGR through 2025, as buses transition to electric faster than any other major vehicle segment. E-buses are anticipated to reach a 40% penetration rate in the US by 2030 and 80% penetration rate by 2040.

TPI’s composite body solution confirms the use of structural composites in automotive applications, saving over 4,000 lbs in mass. This reduction translates to passenger capacity, longer range and increased overall operational efficiency. Whether you are interested in exploring the benefits of an all composite structure or simply need a supplier to provide reliable, high quality, lightweight composite bus structures TPI can meet your needs.

We provide the ability to:

  • Reduce weight to enable alternative fuel sources such as electric, hybrid electric, or CNG
  • Comply with growing fuel efficiency standards and maximum gross vehicle weight regulations
  • Increase durability and reduce maintenance and life cycle costs
  • Optimize ridership
  • Add passengers/freight/payload
  • Improve vehicle aesthetics
  • Reduced up-front production investment