Commercial & Delivery Vehicles

The share of road-freight in small delivery trucks and vans is expected to double from 2020-2040 as e-commerce continues to rapidly rise. These light duty vehicles typically have delivery routes that allow for nightly return to hub charging depots and have the most compelling economics for conversion to electrification vs. their diesel counterparts.

TPI is a trusted partner in the delivery vehicle space to actively demonstrate how structural composite solutions can offer lower weight, higher performance and lower total cost of ownership vs traditional delivery vehicles. Whether it’s people or goods, the cost to move a pound of weight, continues to rise and every pound of vehicle weight is critical.

Structural composite truck body parts can be helpful in reducing weight and eliminating corrosion, but the real benefit in weight savings comes when replacing structural systems with composites. The reduction or elimination of structural steel and aluminum with composites can provide weight reduction measured in hundreds and thousands of pounds. Contact TPI to see how we can help you design your next generation vehicle, chassis, trailer, or cab to optimize weight, eliminate corrosion, reduce parts count, and reduce cost.

TPI provides the ability to:

  • Comply with growing fuel efficiency standards and maximum gross vehicle weight regulations
  • Increase durability and reduce maintenance and life cycle costs
  • Add freight/payload
  • Improve vehicle aesthetics
  • Reduced up-front production investment